Outdoor Fun at Maggie Daley Park

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By Emma McVady

Maggie Daley Park: a gorgeous destination for summer outdoor fun in the Windy City. This park is a great space to utilize for recreational activities for all. Whether you are looking for a family outing, a date, a picnic, some alone time, etc., this space could be the perfect spot for you. The Park’s 25 acres of green space are ideal for any activity you can think of, and great during the balmy summer weather. For your next city outing, consider visiting Maggie Daley and taking advantage of the oasis it creates in such a busy city.

This year, Maggie Daley Park has some amazing features to share with its excited guests. The Park is so happy to be able to offer its goers the beloved mini golf course. This course is the quintessential mini golf destination for city visitors. The course features 18 unique holes and pretty views along the way. Along the course are classic Chicago landmark replicas that act as obstacles. Putt underneath the small version of the Willis Tower and other iconic landmarks!   

Maggie Daley’s bungee fun is also open for park-goers to enjoy. The roller blade and scooter ribbon is available for use with personal equipment only. If you work up an appetite, enjoy a delectable snack or meal at the Rink Café. This café has classic Chicago cuisine, like the Chicago style dog or a slice of cheesy pizza. This is a great place to go to taste the food of Chicago while also enjoying so many other activities.

COVID-19 has caused extra safety regulations to be necessary in social spaces like Maggie Daley Park. As such, the park is enforcing new measures for the welfare of its guests. Masks will now be required at all times in the Park, and social distancing is expected. As a reminder, signs will be posted throughout the Park to stay 6 feet apart. For mini golf, the course features decals on the ground that guide guests to stand at a safe distance while playing. The equipment will be sanitized for guest safety.

These safety measures will be enforced to ensure the safety of Chicagoans and tourists and allow the park to stay open during this time. Safety measures should be taken seriously to ensure that the fun of the Park can continue. Despite the implementation of these slight restrictions, the Park is still in its full glory, waiting for attendees to enjoy it!

Maggie Daley Park is a wonderful destination to enjoy all of the sun summer outdoor activities you can think of. From their cute mini golf course, to bungee fun, to food, to the skating ribbon, the Park has it all. Maggie Daley is a great spot to bring visitors who have never seen Chicago, go on dates, come as a tourist, do an outdoor workout, and so much more. The wonders of the Park can be utilized in countless ways. Next time you find yourself near Maggie Daley, come check out all that it has to offer in this area.